Our applications

Because we are close to our customers, we know exactly what challenges they are facing. These challenges inspire us to develop smart applications that help organisations to focus on their core tasks. The priorities for this are user friendliness and good communication.

We attach great importance to reliability and anonymity, which is why we have ISO-9001 and ISO-27001 certificates. Added to that, we offer all our applications as safe SaaS solutions that comply with all the requirements related to privacy. The servers on which they are running are located in a data centre in Frankfurt, which is ISO-9001, ISO-27001, ISO-27017 and ISO-27018 certified. The data is transmitted using a secure connection to and from the data centre.

Ed Controls

Easy project collaboration

Enjoy working in an organised way and immediately see what needs to be done. Conceived on-site, where two men joined forces to digitise project communication. With Ed Controls, you monitor the quality of projects from the start up to and including completion. Action points are immediately recorded and assigned to the right people. This guarantees clear communication between all the partners.

Flex Where

Easy workspace management

More and more organisations are working with flexible workplaces. That is opening up all kinds of possibilities, but is also raising questions such as: ‘How do I know where there is a free workplace?’, ‘Where can I find the colleague I need?’, ‘Is there a conference space available on this floor?’. FlexWhere answers those questions, so it is ideal for supporting (the transition to) flexible work.